Carly Shay
Carly laughing


Carlotta "Carly" Shay July 24, 1994 (age 17)


Spencer Shay (brother)
Granddad Shay


Sam Puckett(best friend)
Freddie Benson (Ex-Boyfriend;Best Friend)
Gibby Gibson
Guppy Gibson
Shelby Marx
Missy Robinson (former)

Carly is Sam's best friend and they do everythhing together. They have their arguments but they love each other like sisters. She is the host of iCarly. It is known Freddie had a crush on her but grew over it.


Carly shown to be very girly and fun. She's very funny, sweet, and caring. She hates arguments especially between Sam and Freddie.

Relationships With Other Characters

Sam Puckett

Sam is Carly's best friend. They love each other like sisters. Sam often sleeps over at her house.

Freddie Benson

Freddie had a major crush on Carly and they tried dating. But it didn't turn out well they remain best friends.

Gibby Gibson

Gibby seems to like her she seems to like him b and he's loves her. They've known each other very long.

Spencer Shay

Spencer is her older brother. He can be very crazy and corky at times.

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