Sam Puckett
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Samantha "Sam" Puckett
April 17, 1994 (Age 18)


Pamela Puckett (mother)
Melanie Puckett (identical twin sister)
Carmine Puckett (uncle)
Unnamed father
"J'Mam-maw" (grandmother)
Morris Puckett (uncle)
Judy Puckett (aunt)
Aunt Maggie (aunt)
Annie Puckett (cousin)
Greg Patillo (cousin)
Uncle Billy (uncle)
Uncle Buzz (uncle)
Uncle Frank (uncle)
Garth (cousin)
Tanya (cousin)
Frothy (cat)
Fluffles (former bunny)


Carly Shay
Freddie Benson (exBoyfriend)
Spencer Shay
Principal Franklin
Shelby Marx
Tori Vega


none currently


Freddie Benson (ex Boyfriend)
Fat Cakes
Fried Chicken
Root Beer
Hot Dogs
Pork Chops
Meat Golf
Big banners
Selling stuff
Any food that is tasty
Lips to lips (kissing)
Sittin' and starin'
Tap dancing
Pam Puckett (after iSam's Mom)
Coconut Cream Pie
Fat Shakes


Fighting with her best friend Carly
Uncool Adults
The word "panties"
Melanie Puckett (identical twin sister)
Pam Puckett (before iSam's Mom)
Striped shirts on boys (except Freddie)
Diet root beer/soda
School (except for lunch)
Wade Collins
Nora Dirshlitt
Nevel Papperman


Tap dancing
Beating people up
Popping balloons, by spitting watermelon seeds
'Finger painting'


Sam (by everyone)
Mama (by herself; Rex in "iParty With Victorious")
Puckett or Princess Puckett (Freddie)
Sammy (herself & Freddie)

Portrayed by

Jennette McCurdy
Olivia Hosken (as 8-year-old Sam)
Harley Graham (as 7-year-old Sam)

Samantha "Sam" Puckett was born on April 17, 1994. She is the co-host of iCarly and best friends with Carly Shay and Freddie Benson, who is also a major love interest for her. In the episode iTwins, it is revealed that she has an identical twin sister, Melanie Puckett. Sam and Melanie were born on a city bus, due to the poor planning by their mother, Pam Puckett. Sam and Melanie are different in many ways. Sam is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy as a teenager, Olivia Hosken at age eight, and Harley Graham at age seven.


Sam is portrayed as an aggressive, tomboyish and sometimes-bullying girl who has no respect for the rules or other people, (except Carly and Freddie). It is possible that her tomboy demeanor is just a wall so people can't get close to her and then hurt her. Consequently, she frequently gets into trouble. She has been arrested four times (three mentioned in iMeet Fred and once more in iWon't Cancel The Show). On the show, Sam has been mentioned to have been in a juvenile detention center twice. She even has a regular Tuesday appointment with Principal Ted Franklin (iPromise Not to Tell) and in iLook Alike, Carly mentioned Sam has a therapist to discuss her issues. She can be bossy at times, but can have a big heart, is witty, caring and ingenious. Usually, she is not a girly girl.

If possible, she avoids any kind of work unless Carly forces her to do it. Her disgust of work even led to her having a near nervous breakdown when she had to get a job to pay back the $526 she owed Carly and Freddie (iOwe You). She is also very prideful, which is why Carly and Freddie had to use a trick from a willing iCarly fan to have her keep the money she got from a "tipster" at work. Although she usually makes fun of her exboyfriend Freddie's love for technology, Sam herself is shown to be quite tech-savvy. This is first shown when she gives the correct definition of "MPEG" while Freddie has it wrong in iStakeout. Another example was in iMust Have Locker 239, when she builds an entertainment center and even programmed the "Random Dancing" bit from iCarly into their locker. It was also implied in iDate A Bad Boy when she could specifically tell what changes she wanted Freddie to make to her website. Also, in iHate Sam's Boyfriend, she set up her phone so that whenever Jonah texts her, his voice can be heard saying, "It's me!!"

For a girl of her size, she is shown to have amazing physical strength. In iKiss, she ripped off Carly´s door chain with her bare hands (though this was fueled by anger) and she occasionally flips or wrestles people who are much bigger than herself, such as Ricky Flame (iCook) and Jocelyn (iMake Sam Girlier) and also had Adam over her shoulder in (iStart a Fanwar). If she wants to make Freddie go somewhere he doesn't want to, she usually just lifts him over her shoulder. This feat. even caused him to ask "How do you do this?!" in iFind Lewbert's Lost Love. In iQuit iCarly she and Fleck pushed a car in the garage and she pulled up Carly from falling. In iPsycho, she demonstrated she knows the Vulcan nerve pinch from "Star Trek."

She is a big eater and love for food (especially meat or anything meat-flavored). In iWin a Date, she finished a gigantic bowl of salad in no time, while everyone else had trouble with their food. If she's hungry, she wouldn't care if someone else already ate from a food item, as demonstrated in iHeart Art and iMake Sam Girlier. At different times, she kept a microwave, a grill or a crockpot in her locker and occasionally eats breakfast in class. She also carries fried chicken and ribs with her in her purse, as revealed in iWas A Pageant Girl. Carly said in her birthday speech that Sam can eat an entire ham in less than 15 minutes, although in iPilot she had difficulties in eating one, stating that ham shouldn't have a bone in the middle.

Sam seems to be somewhat of an artist, drawing very elaborate doodles as seen from drawing Jonah, drawing a bunny in jail, as well as drawing Freddie eaten by a tiger. She also comments that, "All creative people worry that their stuff is lame. It's an artist thing." in iHeart Art, as if she herself is an artist. In ILost My Mind Sam paints a realistic portrait of a hand with the thumb and index finger raised against a purple background. Sam humorously said she was finger-painting.

In iGot a Hot Room, it is shown that Sam can speak Italian, even appearing fluent in it. She says "Ti consiglio di fare gli auguri di compleanno a Carly ora, altrimenti ti spezzo le gambe!" which means "I suggest you wish Carly a happy birthday now, or else I'll break your legs!" According to her, her mother really likes Italian guys and she learned it from them.

Sam does have somewhat of a soft side, especially when struck with guilt. This was proven in iPromise Not to Tell when she turned herself in because her friends felt bad, and in iKiss before her kiss with Freddie. There is no doubt that Sam is agressive, but she would never do anything violent to Carly.

Sam is often suspicious for the weirdest reasons. An example is shown in "iReunite With Missy" when Carly stated that Sam had thought that Lewbert was an undercover cop because she thought his wart was a surveillance camera and that Gibby was a mermaid because he hates wearing shirts. Despite that she actually knew what Missy was trying to do before anybody else in the episode. It was revealed to Carly at the end of that episode that she was attempting to get rid of Sam because she thought since they were best friends first, she cannot have two best friends. It has been shown in iSell Penny-Tees and iStart a Fanwar that she can be quite selfish.

In iWill Date Freddie, Carly states that Sam doesn't lie. But, in iRocked the Vote, Sam says and proves by examples to Spencer, she is an expert at lying. This might mean that, though Sam is an expert liar, she usually tells the truth.

In iChristmas, many minor quirks of Sam were revealed. She is right-handed, but punches harder with her left, she wears different socks for good luck, her favorite color is brown because it´s the color of gravy, her favorite junk food is Fat Cakes, her favorite book is Boogie Bear 3: The Return of Boogie Bear; she hates people the most, and she wants to be an invisible ninja when she grows up. Sam shows her sweet and sensitive side once in a while, which proves she is not completely blunt and rude all the time.

In iSam's Mom and in iMake Sam Girlier it is shown that she doesn't like the word panties.

In iOMG it is revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she kisses him unexpectedly, and when he kisses her live on the webshow in iLost My Mind, it is confirmed that he returns those feelings. They eventually become a couple after that. In iParty with Victorious is revealed that Sam is actually quite good at rapping when she faces Rex in a rap battle. She is also proven to be a very good singer when she sings a part of the mash-up with the lyrics "Leave It", "I know somehow we're gonna get there and feel so wonderful" and "Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fascination." She sang the theme songs of "Drake and Josh" as well as "Victorious" before in a web video also seen during the end credits of IGot a Hot Room with Freddie and Carly and Sam also enjoys singing here on the ninth photo of the gallery. Its caption reads "Singing is one of the few things Sam enjoys that is NOT illegal -- except when she sings in no-singing zones." Sam's star sign is Aries.

Relationships With Other Main Characters

Carly Shay

Carly and Sam met when they were about eight years old when Sam wanted to steal Carly's tuna sandwich. When Carly fought back, Sam was impressed and said "You're all right." They became immediate best friends. To this day, Sam and Carly share a close friendship that some fans even think of as romantic to a certain degree. At times, Carly and Sam's fights are extremely bad, such as in iDon't Want to Fight and iSaw Him First. In iQuit iCarly, one of their fights even led to a near-death experience for the both of them. Regardless of one´s personal opinion, it's a fact that Sam and Carly can rely on each other when they are in serious need of help. Carly occasionally acts as a mother figure and is the only person who can control Sam's aggressive, and at times criminal, personality merely by talking to her. As evidenced in iChristmas, Sam would be in a juvenile detention center if she didn't have Carly as a moral support. In return, Sam protects Carly. In iMake Sam Girlier, she beats up a bully, Jocelyn, after seeing her push Carly down. Whereas Carly supports her friend more emotionally, she can look to Sam to physically have her back at all times (see: Cam Friendship). The two usually go to each other for emotional support (ex. iOwe You, iGot a Hot Room.)

Despite Sam's aggressiveness, it was proven in several episodes that she would never be violent with Carly, nor would Carly be violent with Sam, as there were times where the two could have easily been violent with each other. (Except for the episode iDon't Want to Fight, where the two yank each other's ponytails with a rope attached to their hair.)

Freddie Benson

The relationship of Sam and Freddie has developed a lot over the course of the show. At first, they were constantly teasing and insulting each other, and were always fighting. Sam even suffered from "withdrawal symptoms" when she didn't insult him for half of a week. She later paid $5 an insult to insult him eight times ($40 total). Later on, they grew to accept each other, although they kept up their mutual teasing. Over the second
ZSeddie Close
season, their relationship developed to a "frenemy" state. Although she still frequently teased him, she also knew that she could rely on him when she needs help. They end up sharing both of their first kisses in iKiss, to "get it over with". In Season 4, Freddie and Sam have gotten a lot closer as friends and frequently seem to hang out without Carly.

It is finally confirmed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she kisses him at the end of iOMG. The Mood-Face app had claimed she was in love, but nobody realized with who until the kiss. When Freddie kisses her live on the webshow in iLost My Mind, it is confirmed that he returns those feelings, and the both of them start dating.Also Sam and Freddie start to hang out more often during season 4 with out Carly around.They dated for awhile but broke up in iLove You.

Spencer Shay

Spencer and Sam seem to be very good friends, and whenever Carly isn't available, Sam enjoys hanging out with him. Occasionally, they seem as close as siblings, possibly making the Shay family a replacement for Sam's own dysfunctional one. It is revealed in iGet Pranky that Sam has a "little crush" on him.

Gibby Gibson

Gibby and Sam are shown to have little interaction on the show before the fourth season. In iMake Sam Girlier Gibby states that he once asked Sam on a date, so she broke both his thumb. In iSpeed Date Sam was forced by Carly to ask Gibby to the Girl's Choice Dance, and she found out Gibby had a girlfriend named Tasha. She has stated that she thinks Gibby is a "loser" and she doesn't understand how he can be with a girl like Tasha. Sam once stated she thought Gibby was a mermaid because of his habit of always taking off his shirt.


Freddie Benson ("Frenemy"; Best Friend; First Kiss; Crush; First Love; Date; exBoyfriend;current love interest) Sam and Freddie have a strong love/hate relationship. They have developed a friendship throughout the series, but still tease and mess with each other. In iKiss, she and Freddie share their first kiss together, to "get it over with", and Sam said that she would still mess with Freddie, but would apologize every once in a while. Freddie agreed with that, because he had gotten used to Sam messing with him. In season 4, they seem to have grown a lot closer, for they hang out together without Carly a lot. It is revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she kisses him in the season 4 special iOMG.

In iLost My Mind (the sequel to iOMG), Freddie unexpectedly kisses her live on the webshow, showing her that he returns her feelings towards him. They eventually start dating after that.

Frankie Murkin (Ex-Boyfriend) Mentioned in iHate Sam's Boyfriend. He broke his leg when Sam pushed him out of a tree in fifth grade. Afterwards, according to Carly, he "rudely dumped her."

Buddy Hinton (Fake First Kiss) In iKiss, Sam claimed that her first kiss was with a boy named Buddy Hinton, in a port-a-potty at a Cuttlefish concert. She did not say when it happened. Later, Sam admitted it was a lie, and she had never kissed anybody before possibly meaning that Sam made him up.

Eric Mosby (Noseby Mosby) (Ex-Boyfriend; Admirer) Mentioned in iSaved Your Life. Sam originally didn't like Mosby and threatened him when he kept flirting with her. When he signed her up for the Bacons of the World Club, she thought she was in love with him, but found out she only loved the foreign bacon he got for her. For this reason, along with not actually liking him, she broke up with him.

Jonah (Feb. 2008; Ex-Boyfriend) After seeing how much Sam liked Jonah, Carly persuaded Freddie to hook them up. When Sam learned that Jonah tried to kiss Carly, she dumped him by "wedgie-bouncing" him live on for over two hours (iHate Sam's Boyfriend).

Reuben (Jul. 2008; Date; Admirer) Although they never truly dated, in iWin a Date, Sam was forced to go on a triple date with Reuben to help Gibby impress the girl he liked, Shannon. Although Reuben seemed to like her, and gave her strange compliments, Sam didn't return the affection, found him weird, and couldn't understand a word he said. She manages to drive him away upset by saying, "And I'm sitting here with an Australian Eskimo with ointment all over his bumbleberry!" According to one of Sam´s blogs at, "You´ve got ointment all over your bumbleberry!" means "You're gross!"

Shane (Sept. 2008; Date) She went out with him when Carly was also going out with him in iSaw Him First, which brought tension between the girls, as they couldn't decide who should date him. They later vowed they wouldn't ever compete over a boy again, lest it ruin their friendship.

Pete (Apr. 2009; Date) In iMake Sam Girlier, she and Pete went on a few dates such as on his uncle's boat and a walk in the park. It is supposed that they broke up sometime before the next episode, although it never was shown on-screen.

Spencer Shay (Sept. 2010; Crush, Friend) Sam admits to having a "little crush" on him in iGet Pranky.

Brad (Apr. 2011; "Love Interest") Brad was considered to be Sam's love interest by Carly and Freddie in iOMG. However, it turns out to be just a misunderstanding, as Sam is actually in love with Freddie and ends up kissing him.

Three unnamed crushes

Carly mentioned that it would be the first time that she liked someone who wasn't disgusting, someone who has a tattoo, or someone who is on parole in explaining why she might like Brad in IOMG.


  • Sam was the only main character who did not have a Pearphone. In previous episodes she is seen with a red flip phone, but as of IParty with Victorious she is seen glancing at Freddie with a pearphone in her hand and got in trouble in Mr. Howard's class for texting Carly, meaning that she must have upgraded to a PearPhone.
  • Her locker is revealed to have a picture of Drake Bell and Fall Out Boy.
  • From "iDate A Bad Boy" onwards, Sam occasionally wears a rainbow ring.
  • She is seen to be very protective of her hair, and will stop doing something when it is pulled on, as seen in "iPilot" and "iPromise Not to Tell".
  • Her last name was revealed in iPromise Not to Tell.
  • Sam has competed in pageants and was placed second in nineteen of them. One was the Seattle Beauty Pageant where she was accused of pushing her rival, LeAnn Carter, down a flight of stairs. She was banned for seven years because of that, but maintains it was merely an accident. She also self-admittedly "feels hot" in a pink evening gown.
  • In "iWas a Pageant Girl " Sam ends up winning a beauty pageant, beating LeAnn Carter, who was going for her 100th pageant win in a row.
  • She is known to throw tantrums by throwing herself lengthwise on Carly's couch kicking and pounding it while screaming loudly when she doesn't get her way (so does Spencer).
  • Sam occasionally wears boxers and has an extreme dislike of the word "panties" (iMake Sam Girlier / iSam's Mom).
  • According to Freddie, she can knock out a truck driver with only a carton of milk. (iMake Sam Girlier)
  • Many family members of Sam are either in jail or on parole.
  • It is revealed on the iCarly website that she can fit her whole fist inside her mouth. This is a reference to the Drake & Josh episode "The Great Doheny", where Drake's girlfriend (played by future Glee star Dianna Agron) was able to stick her whole fist in her mouth.
  • Except for the initial iCarly Wiki page everyone comes to (over 197,000 visits), 'Sam Puckett' is the Most Visited Page on this wiki with over 125,000 visits
  • Sam has cried 3 times in the series: In iDon't Want to Fight (because she almost ruined her friendship with Carly), iOwe You (because she hated her job), and in iQuit iCarly (she almost fell to her death).
  • In iCook, Sam states that she once got intestinal parasites from eating raw meat.
  • It is revealed in iDate a Bad Boy that Sam had been tazed before.
  • A possible predecessor to Sam was "Jack Campbell, Fat Cop", a fat cop played by Danny Tamberelli on All That, who, like Sam, ate as much as he could when he had the chance.
  • As said on a picture in the iThink They Kissed gallery on, Sam can hold her pee for only 3 hours.
  • As seen in iHire an Idiot, Sam seems to be ticklish when Carly tickles her barefeet in order wake her up.
  • She said in iHire an Idiot, she enjoys being clean but doesn't like bathing.
  • In Dan Schneider's fun facts for iSam's Mom, Dan said that Sam gets her toughness from her mom, and that Sam can actually take down her mother. (Dan said that Sam didn't want to hurt her mom too much, though, so went easy on her)
  • Jennette McCurdy always has to lower her voice to play Sam, and has to make her voice higher to play Melanie. Jennette stated that her voice range is between Sam's and Melanie's.
  • iWas a Pageant Girl, iHatch Chicks and iMust Have Locker 239 shows she is very talented in the creative department as she can play the trombone, (had 2 years of lessons) can tap dance and was prepared to sing for her talent in a beauty pagent. She is also a very skilled artist being able to draw a bunny in jail very well.
  • It's mentioned in iChristmas that her favorite color is brown because it's the colour of gravy and meat.
  • We find out in iGet Pranky that she is the one who comes up with the pranks for Messin' With Lewbert on the iCarly webshow.
  • Sam is an Aries.
  • Despite her personality, Sam also shows some feelings of sadness.
  • In recent seasons Sam is less aggressive and tomboyish. Her appearance and clothing taste (as the seasons went by) has slowly become slightly more girly.
  • According to Freddie's blog, If you let Sam eat as many hot dogs as she wanted during half-time, she could inhale up to 17.7 pounds of meat.
  • getting more and more pretty each season
  • The cast of Victorious voted Sam Puckett the clear winner of their favorite iCarly character. Ariana Grande ("Cat") said, "There's no one like Sam Puckett."
  • According to iParty with Victorious, Sam's father abandoned her family when she was younger and claimed he was coming back. Upon hearing this, Sam received shocked stares from all of her friends. She quickly changed the subject.
  • The only episode Sam does not appear in is iWon't Cancel The Show. This was because Jennette McCurdy was in the hospital due to a high temperature the week the episode was filmed.
  • The only other 'person' besides Sam to call herself 'Mama' is Rex in iParty With Victorious ("Mama got rhyme!").
  • She was known as "Regina Goodbody" in iParty With Victorious.